My daily facial care

Today I'm gonna be showing you which products do I use in my daily face routine.

  • First off I grab some of my Sephora cotton pads, put some Soothing cleansing milk, which is a make up remover also, on it and begin to gently cleanse my skin, I do this everyday, twice a day, even if I have no make up on;
  • Secondly I apply my Instant Refreshing Toner;
  • Then it's time for my moisturizer, currently I'm using Mineral Flowers moisturizers, one for day time and another one for the night time;
  • Last but not least, I like to keep my lips smooth and hydrated and for that, as a daily basis , I use Lip Butter by Yes Carrots with berry flavour, a great product actually.

 From the left to the right here's the products: Mineral Flowers Night Cream, Instant Refreshing Toner, Soothing Cleansing Milk, Mineral Flowers Day Cream and Yes to Carrots lip Butter in berry flavour.
 Twice a week I like to exfoliate my skin with the Small dual action exfoliator by Sephora.
The Small dual action exfoliator by Sephora, as the name says it's made to exfoliate two different facial zones, the green one is specifically for the tea zone and the white one can be used on the rest of the face.

And of course, when I'm on those lazy days I don't feel like doing all the steps I described before, I use these Bourjois Express Cleansing Wipes to take off my make up or just clean my face.
Hoping this post was useful for some of you. Take care**.