I have to get back to my face charts

  Some months ago, while i was attending to make up school, I used do make up face charts. I enjoyed it so much, I don't even know why I stoped making them. I did only three and my favourite is the last one.

  Let me know what do you guys think about these looks. Would you wear any of them?**

My Make Up Collection

 Hi guys, so this is where I store my make up

The lipstick drawer
 The gloss drawer
 Some samples I collect
 The eyeshadow/pallette drawer

So far this is my make up collection. The only things that are not there are my Sephora and Cargo palletes, which I'll show you on another post and my daily face routine products (concelealer, eyeshadow primer, foundation, powder, etc). I don't have a lot of stuff but I can be very creative with what I have.
Next year it will be way bigger, I'm sure. Hope you guys like it and feel free to ask anything you want about my make up collection**.


The lipstick swatches

  Estes são os meus novos batons, que eu vos mostrei neste post:http://eyecandy7.blogspot.com/2011/08/august-haul-aka.html. Aqui ficam fotos e swatches das cores que comprei :).

 Em cima temos o Color Fever Matte nº151 da Lâncome (estou a adorá-lo), de seguida o Wanted Rouge nº203 Hipnotize da Helena Rubinstein, depois o Luscious Cream Lipstick nº517 da Kiko e por último o Luscious Cream Lipstick nº524 da kiko também. O que acharam, já experimentaram algum?**


My nail polish summer crush

I decided to show you the nail polishes I used more frequently during this summer :).
From left to right:
  • The gorgeous yellow, Kiko no.278
  • My blue obsession, Carlos Santos no.611
  • My orange vitamine, Prestige no.105 Tulip
  • The classic girly polish, Carlos Santos no.582
  • The green addiction,  Kiko no.343
Kiko no.278, Carlos Santos no.611, Prestige no.105 Tulip, Carlos Santos no.582 and Kiko no.343
Did you like the colors? What's your nail polish summer crush? **

My nail polish collection by Kiko

 Here they are, I love them. I have 5 of their nail polishes so far.They have all the colors you can possibly imagine. I love how they organize the colors in their stores, it's truly inspiring.

From left to right we do have:
  • No.348, no.343, no.279, no.265 and no.278.

 No.265, no. 278, no.348, no.343 and no.279 (this one I've showed you earlier how it looks like on my nails).

My eyeshadow collection by Kiko

They're gorgeous, right?

 Yeah, I love manga ;)
 Well, let me intoduce you...From top to bottom and from left to right we do have:
  • Water Eyeshadow No.03 Chartreuse green
  • Eyeshadow No.107 (sadly they don't have fun names or even names at all)
  • Colour Sphere Duo Eyeshadow No.107
  • Eyeshadow No.103
  • Eyeshadow No.147
  • Colour Sphere Eyeshadow No.41
  • Eyeshadow No.137
  • Eyeshadow No.138
 Water Eyeshadow No.03 Chartreuse green (left) and Eyeshadow No.107 (right)
Duo Eyeshadow No.107
 Colour Sphere Eyeshadow No.41 (left) and Eyeshadow No. 137 (right)
Eyeshadow No. 147 (left), Eyeshadow No.138 (middle) and Eyeshadow No.103 (right)

This three have a matte finish, they're really pigmented. I don't know why but the orange seems red or coral on this photo.Some more swatches for you:

 From left to right: Eyeshadow no.107, Colour Sphere Duo Eyeshadow no.107 and Colour Sphere Eyeshadow no.41
From left to right: Water Eyeshadow No.03 Chartreuse green, Eyeshadow no.147, Eyeshadow no.138 (as you can see it's orange and not red :) and Eyeshadow no.103

Since I've these Kiko eyeshadows, I just can't get enough. They're really pigmented without any primer, when you put the primer first uh la la, they become stunning. They don't crease throughout the day and they all cost less than 5 euros each. Have you ever tried them? Tell me about your experience.**