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Yesterday I went nuts and bought a bunch of stuff. Some jewelry, some make up, some hair products, some hair tools and a pair of glasses, what more can a girl want? And in a couple of weeks there's something else arriving in the mail, curious? Keep following.
 Well I was craving for a new straightener and a new curling iron. As usual I found a great promotion and bought 2 hair tools for less than 100 euros, yay.  I'm loving them so far.
 Here's the jewelry.
The cute little hair piece.
 The hair products.
Facial Care.
 Since Kiko opened a store in my city, I go there religiously every month. I'm obsessed with their make up, their products are really impressing me. What's your experience with this brand?
 The shadows.
 The nail polishes.
The lipsticks. Yeah i bought a kind of grey lipstick.
The two from above are by Helen Rubinstein and Lâncome.
I'll post swatches later.

And I guess we're done for now. What do you guys think? Have you tried any of this products? If so, leave your opinions. If you want me to do a review of one in particular, just ask me. **

2 comentários:

  1. ora daíi uso um condicionador da L'oreal Prof. e tenho um verniz da kiko e alguns produtos sephora. adoro essa frase da gaga! SOOO true! *

  2. Wooow! You bought so many things! They all look nice and you should come back with some reviews about them!