My eyeshadow collection by Kiko

They're gorgeous, right?

 Yeah, I love manga ;)
 Well, let me intoduce you...From top to bottom and from left to right we do have:
  • Water Eyeshadow No.03 Chartreuse green
  • Eyeshadow No.107 (sadly they don't have fun names or even names at all)
  • Colour Sphere Duo Eyeshadow No.107
  • Eyeshadow No.103
  • Eyeshadow No.147
  • Colour Sphere Eyeshadow No.41
  • Eyeshadow No.137
  • Eyeshadow No.138
 Water Eyeshadow No.03 Chartreuse green (left) and Eyeshadow No.107 (right)
Duo Eyeshadow No.107
 Colour Sphere Eyeshadow No.41 (left) and Eyeshadow No. 137 (right)
Eyeshadow No. 147 (left), Eyeshadow No.138 (middle) and Eyeshadow No.103 (right)

This three have a matte finish, they're really pigmented. I don't know why but the orange seems red or coral on this photo.Some more swatches for you:

 From left to right: Eyeshadow no.107, Colour Sphere Duo Eyeshadow no.107 and Colour Sphere Eyeshadow no.41
From left to right: Water Eyeshadow No.03 Chartreuse green, Eyeshadow no.147, Eyeshadow no.138 (as you can see it's orange and not red :) and Eyeshadow no.103

Since I've these Kiko eyeshadows, I just can't get enough. They're really pigmented without any primer, when you put the primer first uh la la, they become stunning. They don't crease throughout the day and they all cost less than 5 euros each. Have you ever tried them? Tell me about your experience.**

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