My Make Up Collection

 Hi guys, so this is where I store my make up

The lipstick drawer
 The gloss drawer
 Some samples I collect
 The eyeshadow/pallette drawer

So far this is my make up collection. The only things that are not there are my Sephora and Cargo palletes, which I'll show you on another post and my daily face routine products (concelealer, eyeshadow primer, foundation, powder, etc). I don't have a lot of stuff but I can be very creative with what I have.
Next year it will be way bigger, I'm sure. Hope you guys like it and feel free to ask anything you want about my make up collection**.

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  1. Desculpa, onde encontraste esse "móvel"? parece-me muito interessante e daria um jeitão no meu quartinho..=P